Ten auditoriums in Delhi

Belittling the importance of auditoriums, in this age of grandeur halls and venues alike, would be a matter of great disgrace. So, to bring back the significance of auditoriums in light, let’s try and swim in the vast magnitude of auditoriums in Delhi. Narrowing down some ethereally so different auditoriums, listed down are ten of the many.

1. Habitat World: The India Habitat Centre at the Habitat World, located around Lodhi Road is one of the most sought after auditoria in the entire country. The extraordinary facilities offered here, is what gives it an ultimate edge over the rest.

2. Kamani Auditorium: Sited on the Coppernicus Marg, Kamani Auditorium is majorly inclined towards encouraging of performing arts. An exclusive Flying system here helps avoid confusion due to hasty scene changes. Sound and light system match international standards up here.

3. FICCI Auditorium: Positioned in the Federation House, the FICCI Auditorium holds an invisible wall of fame for its world-class infrastructure. Having seven halls with variant seating capacities, it is indeed a coveted hub for business meetings and conferences.

4. ICCR Auditorium: The fact that, the ICCR Auditorium was founded by the first Education Minister of India post independence, speaks for itself. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad brought this miracle into picture on 9th April, 1950 near the I.P. Estate.

5. AIFACS Auditorium: Put up in the central business district of the Indian capital, AIFACS Auditorium hosts various cultural events that offer entertainment metamorphosed in diverse elucidations of movements and sounds. Uniquely infrastructure, it easily falls into the limelight of Connaught Place.

6. Gandhi Memorial Hall: Possessive of an extensive seating capacity for around 450 members, the Gandhi Memorial Hall at the Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg is an ideal auditorium for meetings and competitions held at a grand level.

7. India International Centre (I.L.C): Since its foundation in 1959 and subsequent inaugural in 1962, the India International Centre has been a premier organisation that has put its best foot forward towards capturing the cultural and intellectual role in the life of Delhi citizens.

8. Air Force Auditorium: The Air Force Auditorium is essentially located near Subroto Park in Dhaula Kuan. It is a highly acclaimed and talked about auditoriums of Delhi. A lot of cultural functions are organised in this prestigious auditorium.

9.  B.C Pal Memorial Auditorium: Strategically standing at the Chittranjan Park in South Delhi, the B.C Pal Memorial Auditorium spawns an ethereal tranquillity in the ambience of every function it boasts to hold.

10. The Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO): ITPO is the premier trade promotion agency that works under the government. Essentially put up at Pragati Maidan, which itself is a globally recognised exhibition centre, the Indian Trade Promotion Centre stands apart giving an edge to the former.

It goes without saying that the next time one has to think over organising an event, the venue would never be a problem. Whether it be a conference, a societal gathering, a medical council or any possible event one can think of, the above auditoriums in Delhi are the ideal places to boast such events.




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