Ten all time Action Movies of Hollywood

Action thrillers have always been a great fascination for most of the people. But, repetition of the same action scenes usually traps us in the net of boredom. The matter of concern lies in the fact that there are still some movies that rush down adrenaline in our body, even when they are being watched a tenth time. That’s the spice of an all time action movie of Hollywood. Let’s get diffused in ten such hits.

1. Die Hard

This American Action thriller is fundamentally based on a novel called “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Timed around the Christmas eve, the plot revolves around the NYPD officer who comes down to Los Angeles to patch up with his separated wife.

2. Terminator 2-Judgement Day

Terminator 2 was a sci-fi action film that won critical success. The amazing visual effects using the ultimate computer-generated imagery are put together just perfectly in the movie. It has won a lot of laurels to itself that speaks for its success.

3. Kill Bill

The run time of movie being 4 hours, it was brought up in a series of 2 volumes, put together known as “Kill Bill”. Kill Bill is supposed to have an amazing style of direction and furthermore, it seems to pay homage to various martial arts’ films.

4. Predator

Again a science fiction and an action thriller rolled into one, the Predator is reflected as an advanced version of extraterrestrial life in terms of technology. They are basically after the Special Forces team who are on a mission to get the hostages released from guerrilla.

5. True Lies

The central plot of the action thriller “True Lies” envelopes the fake secret agent Bill Paxton who has the ability to slap the living day lights out of you by virtue of his humour and wittiness.

6. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is indeed a wonderful epic by one of the finest filmmakers in the industry. The Iron Man can be easily personified into an Ironing Board post watching this blockbuster.

7. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones, an adventurous soul, is again set up on a mission of hunting down his missing father. There are actually a lot of scenes from this movie that finely make an imprint over your mind. Truly a flawless piece!

8. Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai, the 1954 Action Film, grabbed away the highest number of reviews in those times. People voted extensively in the numerous polls created at that time, which is a fact that speaks for the likeability of the film itself.

9. The Rock

The Rock has one of the most sought after cast of all times. A funny yet a highly thrilling movie, courtesy its action and violence. It is indeed one the best action films so far; a movie by Micheal Bay.

10. Die Hard with a Vengeance

One is bound to have a squeezed forehead while watching this tension creating action thriller. The major credit to the success of this movie can be given to the chemistry of the protagonist and the antagonist indeed.

So, pick up your car keys and explore the markets for the best! Happy Watching!




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