Temples of Tamil Nadu

Think of Tamil Nadu and the first thing that comes to your mind is the architectural beauty of the temples. Meticulously planned and finely crafted- the temples of Tamil Nadu stand to tell the stories of unparalleled devotion. The Madurai “MEENAKSHI TEMPLE” is looked upon with awe even today. The origin of the temple dates back to the 7th century. Parts of the temple are believed to be destroyed by foreign invasions to be re-built by the Nayak king in 1655. The temple is said to be the geographic and ritual center of ancient Madurai and one of the largest temple complexes of Tamil Nadu. The temple complex spans over 45 acres and the temple structure is a massive one measuring 254 by 237 meters. The temple is surrounded by 12 gateway towers with each multi-storied tower bearing figures of animals, Gods and demons painted in bright hues.
Madurai Meenakshi TempleThe central shrine is devoted to Goddess Meenakshi and her consort Lord Shiva. The sacred temple tank known as the ‘Potramarai Kulam’ (pond with a Golden Lotus) is the cynosure of the temple. To add to this the temple has a hall of 1000 pillars that are designed in such a way no two pillars have the same architecture or patterns carved on it. The pillars of the temple are a blend of engineering skills and artistic vision.

The “TANJORE BIG TEMPLE” is just another example of the architectural nuance. It’s the world’s first complete granite temple built in the “CHOLA” era. The temple tower stands 216 feet high being the tallest of its kind. There is a statue of a sacred bull at the entrance that is carved out of one single stone and measures 16 feet long and 13 feet high. The prime deity is Lord Shiva. The inner halls of the temple are surrounded by massive walls that are divided into levels by sharply cut sculptures providing deep bays. Surrounding the temple are two walled enclosures defining the temple complex area. The temple had its millennium celebrations in September 2010. This temple is really a feast for the eyes that crave for aesthetic beauty.

From “SRIRANGAM TEMPLE” constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture to the “RAMESWARAM TEMPLE” which boasts of its biggest temple corridor, Tamil Nadu temples have it all.

If you feel you haven’t missed anything wonderful in life give it a second thought. Maybe you still haven’t visited the Temples of Tamil Nadu.



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