Table Decoration Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, then why not plan for a romantic dinner to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day? To glorify the magic of love, nothing is more amorous than a dinner. A quixotic dinner at home with your loved one is a perfect way to make your better half feel special. A tranquil ambiance  delicious meal, aromatic candle decoration, bouquet of fresh flowers forms the key elements of a classic romantic dinner. It is necessary to set your dinner table elegantly to ignite the senses.


So here are few tips which you can follow to set up an ideal romantic table:

Red is the color of love, so why not use this color to enhance the feel. You can contrast this color with black or white. You can use white table cloth and have toppings of red color for example red plates, candles roses. A well dressed table fabric invites other adornments. You can also scatter petals of red rose on the white table cloth to given an idealistic look.


Centerpiece is a main element that enhances the setting of the dinner table. There are wide varieties of centerpieces that can be use for a romantic evening. Some of the popular centerpieces are stated below:

Candles: Candles are inevitable part of a quixotic dinner table. It gives a sensuous feel and enlightens the mood. Floating Candles with rose petals are very eye-pleasing. Heart shape votive aromatic candles placed on a white plate also look striking. Even attractive pillar candles work wonders. Remember to set the lighting dim, so that the candle flames look more intense.

Flowers: Red roses are synonymous with love. Nothing matches the essence of these roses. Bunch of red roses in a glass vase looks elegant. You can also place bouquet of fresh flowers as a vibrant centerpiece. Remember, to maintain eye-contact with your partner choose a bouquet or flower arrangement that is not too tall.

Heart shape candies: If you want to have a sweet dinner table then place a bowl of colorful heart shape candies or chocolates as a centerpiece. These candies are easily available in market especially during the valentine season.


Dinner set:
It is necessary to have perfect crockery that would complement the atmosphere. Silver crockery best matches the set-up. If you can’t manage for silver, you can go for elegant white or sparkling dinner set that adorns the look of the dinner table. Arrange the dinner ware properly and check that all the essential items are present on the table or else you will have to run to the kitchen in between the dinner to bring the items and this would really disturb the whole feel created.


Dinner menu:
If you are setting up for a romantic date then it is quite obvious that food will be on your cards. Homemade food with the pinch of love is always appreciated. Before planning for dinner, get your hands on some exquisite romantic dishes and just awe-struck your spouse. You can also cook some favorite dishes of your better half to astonish him. Compliment the dinner with appetizing dessert. Just to add more sparks your can accompany the dinner with a bottle of wine or champagne which will certainly lift-up the mood.


Other add-ons:
A light romantic music in the background will energize the whole ambiance. Apart from this and the above adornments if you want your soul mate to feel more special then you can decorate the dinner table with personalized greeting cards or any gift of your choice.



Well it is not a rule that only a woman has to arrange a romantic dinner even a man can plan for a dinner and surprise his spouse. Love doesn’t need a  specific day to celebrate, it is a feeling that can be cherished each and every second of your life. So follow the above guidelines with your touch of love and astonish your soul mate whenever you feel like.

Let the cupid strike in the right time.



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