Symptoms of Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy are different from one woman to another. Some women may experience symptoms in the beginning of the first week after conception itself, while others might face the symptoms after weeks or some might face no pregnancy symptoms at all. It is always good to have little knowledge about the probable symptoms than asking other people around or bothering about it in silence. Here are some symptoms which are likely to be faced when women get bothered after conception.


Food Cravings can mean very different to different women. Though craving for a lot of stereotypical edibles like pickles and ice creams have resulted in being a symptom of pregnancy. Studies show that almost 68% of women who are pregnant suffer from this symptom of food cravings. No one as yet can rely on food cravings to be a sure shot symptom of pregnancy, but if this symptom is followed up by other pregnancy symptoms, then yes, it is an issue to worry and start bothering about.

Cramping in early pregnancy basically means that women feel their uterine cramping in early pregnancy, which happens when a woman’s uterus is growing. Some may feel period like cramps, while other may feel pain on just one side. The uterus starts growing when the egg starts fertilizing, and thus women feel heavy in their uterus area. A proper checkup needs to be done in case a woman experiences any kind of bleeding or pain in the uterus area as it is supposed to be an early and strong symptom of pregnancy.

A missed period though happens for a huge number of reasons like fatigue, improper exercise, too much stress. But yes, it is even a symptom of early pregnancy. The probability of a woman being pregnant due to irregular or missed period is less only and only if she has faced such problem before, but if a woman has her periods proper and at regular intervals and if her periods are delayed by atleast by a week or so, it is a sure sign of the woman being pregnant after conception, and therefore becomes an issue to worry about.

Morning sickness tends to be the first symptom which pregnant women face, and this usually occurs in the fifth to sixth week. Though this cannot be called a very early symptom of pregnancy, ye some women can face this as early as in the first to second week of conception. Some women have nausea, dizziness and vomiting, while others face queasiness, and neither of them is pleasant. This type of uneasiness can occur in the day or night, but most women face such symptoms early in the morning as their stomach is empty. It is also very dangerous a symptom as it could degrade a woman’s health completely or partially, making her weak and disabling her from doing her usual activities or in the worst cases could even lead to dehydration.

Altered sense of taste happens when women feel they taste something metallic in their mouth, and thus cannot figure out the actual or original taste of food. Women complain of not being able to get the taste of sweetened stuff such as coffee, tea or even chocolates. Basically a woman’s whole sense of taste changes, and is a symptom which tells her that she needs to get a pregnancy checkup done if such a symptom arises after a few weeks of her conception.

Fatigue is not supposed to be a surefire symptom of pregnancy, but yes probable chances are there that a woman facing the early signs of pregnancy can get exhausted very often and very easily. A woman might just feel that she has run a marathon by just working a day at her office. It happens due to some hormonal changes which take place in the body after conception.

Pregnancy testing at home is not a difficult task, and would actually fill a woman with some assurance as to whether or not she is pregnant. This test is usually taken after the first to second week of conception. Some women feel comfortable with certain kinds and brands of pregnancy testing meters. This kind of test should be done very carefully and cautiously after reading all the given instructions, as not following them might lead to misleading results. But at the end of the day, this test carries a lot of importance to the test taker, as it might make or break a woman’s confidence.



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