Symptoms of Rabies

Rabies is a viral disease which is zoonotic, that is spread by the bite of an infected animal. Rabies eventually leads to acute encephalitis that is inflammation of the brain. In humans this disease becomes very fatal if the ostexposure prophylaxis is not tackled before the onset of chronic symptoms. The virus eventually enters the nervous system and the human brain leading to death.

The rabies virus travels to the brain via the peripheral nervous system. The incubation period for rabies disease varies, depending on the total time taken to reach the central nervous system. It usually takes a few months in humans to reach the centre. So in the mean time, early symptoms are observed during this period. If not cured then, there is no cure during the progressive stage. It results in death in a few days span.


The early symptoms of rabies are quite similar to that of the flu symptoms. The symptoms are –

  •  Fever – It is a common medical syndrome whereby the body temperature rises above normal.
  • Chills – It is when the body is feeling cold in extreme hot temperature.
  • Dry cough – This is basically caused due an irritation in throat; no phlegm comes out.
  • Sore throat – It is the redness of the throat caused due to pharyngitis. It causes mild pain as well.
  • Running Nose – It is the time when constantly one has to wipe his or her nose with a tissue.
  • Headache – The brain tissue itself is not a pain receptor; the other things that enter the brain or surround the brain are pain receptors. Thus, a headache is a pain that is caused in and around the head region. There are various reasons behind this ache to occur.
  • Body ache – There is generally pain in the joints and muscles. If it is too severe it restricts locomotion.
  • Fatigue – Due to severe headache and body ache, body becomes weak and tired.
  • Pain in the affected area.

If proper preventive measures are not taken at this early stage, it will soon lead to the progressive stage which has no cure. It has only one ending – death. The symptoms of progressive stage are –

  • Insomnia – It is when people have difficulty to sleep. Or people might just wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty in falling back to sleep again. Or the sleep maybe non refreshing.
  • Anxiety – It is basically a disease called anxiety disorder, when people are panic stricken all the time. They are subjected to nightmares and are always worrying. This is a major symptom of rabies.
  •  Confusion – The brain stops working and people are unable to grasp the simplest of things and are confused.
  • Partial paralysis – A part of the body might stop working or one of the halves stop functioning due to neural disorder.
  • Hallucinations – People began hallucinating and start seeing things that do not exist.
  • Hyper-salivation – Due to partial paralysis, one may not have control over the mouth region and saliva might just drip out of the mouth.
  • Hydrophobia – lastly the most common symptom is hydrophobia. It is the dear of water.

Thus, rabies is a deadly disease if not kept a check. Rabies treatment is available all across the globe. If you feel that you suffer from any of these symptoms, do not hesitate. For prevention is better than no “cure”.



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