Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease wherein a person finds difficult and trouble in breathing. It is one of the very distressing and life threatening experiences among other diseases. It is one of th fast growing diseases in all developed as well as developing countries. Asthma compromises one’ life, hinders a person’s social life completely, and affects one very much scholastically. As it is one of the growing disease which can affect anyone anywhere, it is essentially important to know the mild and major symptoms of Asthma. Different people have different signs and symptoms of this diseases. The symptoms of Asthma varies with different people according to their habits, body immunity, their lifestyle, amount of stress and pressure taken by the particular person, and also strongly depends on the time and situation. Some of the common triggers associated with Asthma are:

Wheezing is one of the most common and early signs of suffering with Asthma. It is a high pitched whistling sound which occurs unconsciously during breathing. Wheezing is a sign which tells a person about some turbulence in his breathing and occurs when air flow through very narrow breathing tubes present in our body.

Chest tightness is another symptom of Asthma where a person experiences the inability of not being able to breathe air in and out of his lungs. This happens due to an inflammation and muscle tightness of the lungs, which prevents a person from breathing comfortably. Known as one of the very common signs of Asthma, this experience may lead to the person getting anxious and tensed, thus deteriorating the problem further.

Chronic cough is nothing but usual cough which lasts for more than 3 weeks. It is called chronic just to the simple reason of the cough lasting for a long period of time and is a sign of poorly controlled Asthma. Though chronic cough can occur in people who smoke, yet for non smoking people this type of cough is a clear sign of Asthma. Chronic cough usually occurs in the night while sleeping and this prolonged symptom of Asthma may also lead to viral infection and cold air which are some serious and upper stage symptoms of the respiratory disease.

Shortness of breath is yet another classic symptom of Asthma where an affected person literally gasps for breath. Though there is no fixed medical term used for this symptom, it is often referred by medical doctors as dyspnea and is related to a feeling where a person falls short of breath and finds it difficult to breath.  It leads to a person’s inability to complete his usual activities, leads to suffocation, making the person ‘air hungry’, and smothers the person’s breathing activities.

The other mild symptoms of Asthma include become lethargic and getting very tired easily. It happens due to the plain reason of breathing problem, and the person eventually loses out on his stamina required to do basic simple activities of his daily life. Also, it becomes difficult to finish one sentence at a stretch as the person would need to gasp for enough breath to talk and converse properly and adequately. Moreover, a person lying unconscious very often when he indulges himself in activities such as sports is a clear sign of Asthma.

Recognizing the above mild symptoms of Asthma can actually help you prevent a major asthma attack only if proper care and medical checkup is sought. It is very important to keep a check over such mild yet common symptoms of this disease to help you prevent and keep asthma under proper control.



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