Student Teacher Relation

A student-teacher relationship is often the kinds that is scary and has a lot of restrictions in it. The students are under the notion that the ultimate power of failing and passing lies in the hands of the teacher and therefore they must not misbehave or say anything undesirable to them, whereas, the teacher feels that he/she has the supreme authority and therefore, they have the liberty to behave in any manner with the child.

However, like any other relation, this is also a two-way communication process. Only if the student gives respect and behaves well with the teacher, does the teacher take care of the child and similarly only if the teacher gives love and affection to the child, does the child behave well. Therefore, it is a give and take relationship.

Older children are often use to mocking at the teacher once he/she enters the class and that is what usually annoys the teacher and thus forces him/her to throw the child out of class, which in return humiliates the student. This is an instance that more often than not creates the drift between the student and a teacher.

A teacher is like a parent away from home, and especially if you are in a boarding it is even more relevant. Even before a parent can dream of reaching the child, the teacher is already present to help and guide the child. In a boarding atmosphere a teacher-student relation is friendlier than it is in a normal day school. There is obviously a decorum that is to be maintained in the class but outside the class-room premises a student-teacher are almost like friends.

However, that does not permit the children to misbehave with their teachers. Teachers are supposed to be the greatest gift of god and thus must have the same stature in one’s life all through out. And especially in our Indian mythology a Guru is given the most important stature in an individual’s life. We are asked to worship our guru even before lord or our parents. Thus a teacher’s significance is unmatchable.

A lot of us have been through school days where we said that the teacher is partial towards another student. A simple fact of life is that we have our likes and dislikes and as a human being, a teacher also has his/her likes. However, that does not stop them from being kind and nice to their other students, provided, they are well respected and greeted by the students. In this manner, one student might be better but the other does not become bad.

Remember not to be afraid of your teacher, instead just respect them well. Because it’s not fear but respect for someone, that inculcates the right behavior towards that person. You cultivate the same seed you sow, therefore, you are treated in the same manner you treat someone. And this is the most applicable in a student-teacher relation.




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