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Most innovative and ground-breaking inventions like Macintosh, Mac Book, i pad, i phone and i pod brought about a revolution in the world of technology and the only ‘i con’ who deserves all the credit is ‘Steve Jobs’ –who is considered as the father of modern technology by people today.

Steven Paul Jobs the CEO, co-founder and chairman of Apple Inc., was born on 24 February, 1955 in San Francisco, California. Paul and Clara Jobs adopted him from an unwed college graduate couple.

He spent his early years in the hub of computer technology i.e. Silicon Valley. At the age of 14, he came across Stephen Wozniak- a computer boffin. Jobs studied one semester in Reed College in Oregon and then dropped out. When he returned back to Valley he started taking interest in his friend, Woz’s effort on computer board. He attended the Homebrew Computer Club with Woz. He quickly realized its commercial demand andstarted assembling boards in his garage and sold them to computer stores. Thus Apple Computer was born!

While Jobs was selling, Woz came up with Apple II which wobbled the market with its superfluous advance technology. Looking at the growing market demand and popularity, Mike Markkula confided to invest $250, 000 in Job’s business to help him expand his business. Soon, Apple II flooded the markets. Steve Job’s fortune crossed $200 million when he was only 25.

In 1981 IBM, was preparing to venture into the market of PCs and Apple III was already blown-up in the market. So to retain in the market, they put all their vigour on Job’s new project- ‘Lisa’ whichwas equipped for the first time with GUI. But due Job’s erratic behaviour he was kicked out of Lisa Project.

Enraged, he decided to launch a new project called Macintosh, in an attempt to make it the cheapest and most user-friendly GUI computer ever. It was a big danger to Apple’s future as Lisa proved to be a disappointment in the market. So, in 1983 Jobs lend a helped John Sculley, the CEO of Apple and together they launched Macintosh with a huge success. But due to his haughtiness, he was refrained from having any managerial duties. This annoyed him all the more and so in 1986 he co-founded Pixar with George Lucas, thus making a profit of $10 million for the company.

Then depression period followed in Job’s life. He founded a new company called NeXt, which turned out to be a fiasco. Luckily, Pixar’s 1st feature film Toy Story proved to be 3rd highest domestic earning animated film, which added a worth of $1.5 million to Job’s bank account.

Meanwhile Apple Inc. had lost its track and writhed with a loss of $700 million. They called Jobs back to the company and hired his NeXt Step technology to replace the old one for $400 million. Soon in July 1997 he became the CEO of Apple.

With his arrival in the company, they were now climbing the steps of success with the launching of popular devices like Power Mac G3, PowerBook, iMacs, iBook, consumer Notebook, Mac OS X, and iApps. Then a turning point came in his life with the invention of iPod and iTunes which hit the markets with a big bang.

Steve Jobs still shared 50% of Pixar’s stocks. In 2005, he and the new CEO of Disney, Bob Iger started working together and thus Pixar and Disney merged together.

By now Apple Inc. had established its Brand name among the most trusted brands. Second big revolution occurred with the introduction of iPhone. Finally the third major event which marked its success in the history of Apple was the announcement ofiPad, Apple’s iOS-based tablet on January 27, 2010 thus putting an end to the era of PCs.

After the launch of incredibly marvellous iPhone 4S, on 5 October, 2011 not only Macworld, but the whole world mourned at the loss of iCon – Steve Jobs. He was truly a man with extraordinary endowments. He gave a completely new direction to the modern world of technology with Apple Products and compelled the world to ‘Think Different’. Hats off!to this great man.




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