Some of the top chocolate destinations of the world

What initially seemed to be just a food item has now become a craving and in some cases even an obsession. Some people get a rush from chocolate and resort it to whenever they want to feel happy whilst the others turn to chocolate for every occasion. It is  enjoyed by all and found in over a million forms here are some of the top chocolate destinations of the world you could visit.

1. Brussels –Titled as the chocolate capital of the world and encasing around 16 chocolate museums and 2000+ chocolate shops , you know where to go if you claim to be a chocoholic. Home to top chocolate brands like Godiva and Leonidas.There is no type or form of chocolate you won’t find here but pralines are Brussels’ specialty

2. Zurich –Home to chocolate connoisseurs like Nestle , Toblerone , Lindt , Treuscher and Sprungli. From plain milk to bitter sweet, marzipan filled chocolates to delicious pralines and truffles, the chocolate shops in Zurich are a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

3. Barcelona – Barcelona is the chocolate capital of Spain.They have stores like Chocolates Amatller and Chocolate a la Taza that are 150 years old.The city also boasts of the first chocolate making machine in 1780

4. Oaxaca – Situated in Mexico , the city is all about pastries , candies and hot cocoa beverages.Some of the famous chocolate producers in the city are Moyordoma,Guelaguetza and La Soledad.More than anything else chocolate is a crucial part of their  tradition.

5. San Francisco – Famous for its chocolate tours , San Francisco consists of various chocolate specialists are Michael Recchiuti, XOX Truffle, Richart San Francisco, Cocoa Bella, TCHO, Coco-Luxe and Christopher Elbow Artisinal Chocolates.Scherffen Berger was the first company here to  offer free tours of their factory about 6 times a day

6. Turin – Host to the famous CioccolaTÒ, an annual two-week chocolate festival,this place typically draws more than 700,000 visitors eager to satisfy their cravings with incredible amounts of Gianduiotto (the specialty of Turin).




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