Some Features of the upcoming iOS 6

Apple has revealed a glimpse of the new iOS 6 during the Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote. However the new operating system will be arriving until fall this year. The major new feature in this operating system is going to make some applications obsolete but it is definitely an improvement to the operating system itself. Here are some of the new features of the iOS 6: –

New Share Screen: – In iOS 6 when you tap to share a photo or something else you get a list of various social networking sites including facebook, twitter, email, iMessage and numerous Chinese social networks.

The New Siri: – Siri in iOS6 has new features which include voice driven personal assistant which will come with the new iPad. Now Siri can answer questions about sports and movies in iOS 6. Amongst the new features of Siri in iOS6 is the ability to compose new tweets and facebook status updates smartly.

Spotlight Tweak: – This feature will help you figure out exactly which home screen the app you’re looking for is located. This feature will sort out all the apps in a way that it will be easier for you to find them.

Reminders: – Apple introduced the reminders app in iOS 5 but in iOS 6 it has got some big improvements which will allow the user to set reminders based not only on time but on locations. You can set your reminder and tap on a particular address where you want to be reminded.

Call Rejection: – iOS 6 gives more options when you can’t take a call but your iPhone rings. Options such as send the caller a message, remind you to call the person back later.

Other features include: –

  • Game Center Challengers
  • Connectivity to game center friends
  • Voice over improvements
  • Personal dictionary in iCloud
  • Better privacy and many more.



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