Smelling Screen: Fourth Dimension to Digital Objects

If watching food and beverages on the screens makes your mouth drool and your stomach greedy then wait for the smelling screen. Japanese scientists have developed a screen which will throw out a smell of the object appearing on screen. The screen is invented at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan by Haruka Matsukura and his colleagues.


The smell will appear to come from the exact spot on the LCD screen where the object image is displayed on screen. Screen will contain four air streams each placed on the corners which will give out continuous odoursĀ  by vaporising gel pallets. The air streams have placed parallel to the screen’s surface which will be blown out by using fans. By varying the strength and direction of the streamsĀ  the scent is made to appear on the exact spot by constant skilled movement of streams. The used airflows are so gentle, they can create illusion that the smell is actually arriving from the object on the screen.

The current screen system impels only one scent at a time, but the scientists said the next stage of invention will have better smelling capability in system. They are working on the invention for further development of better smelling functions. They have planned to use cartridge like those of printers to achieve the next stage.

According to Matsukura these screens can be used for the advertising purposes and museum exhibits. The screen system first exhibited in last month at IEEE Virtual Reality conference in Orlando, Florida.



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