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In the current streak of civilization and urbanization, houses have been limited to flats and apartments. This creates a scarcity of space in your flat to exhibit your garden. To beautify your home and help the environment, you need to bring nature to your flat by keeping a small garden. Here are some tips and ideas on small gardens and how to beautify your place even more:-

1. Mirror – By keeping a mirror in your garden in the corner somewhere you can make your garden look much more beautiful than it actual is. You should place the mirror at a place where it reflects the whole space and the green around. This will also make the garden look big and extended.

2. Boundary – B y making a boundary around your garden, you can make it look neat and separate from the other areas. Fence will also make the garden distinct from other parts of the house.

3. Height arrangement – You should not keep flowery and leafy plants separate from each other. Keep them together but arrange them according to their height. Also remember that small places are best suited for exotic plants and flowers collection.

4. Size – Make sure that you do not keep big trees in your garden. You can plant on the corner of your garden if you would like to make your garden look fuller. You can also keep seating arrangements by that tree for your escape to nature.

5. Carpet grass – You can beautify your garden even furthermore by keeping a carpet grass on the floor with water arrangements at the center. You can also keep floating candles in the water and light it at night. This will bring a different look to your garden.

6. Winters – during the winters you can keep creeper rose plants on the fence which will be quite eye catching and beautiful.

You can also add whatever that you think makes you garden more beautiful but you should make sure that it is not harmful for your other plants. By keeping a small garden in your house you will contribute to the nature by reducing global warming while having a beautiful flat or apartment.



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