Sketching: Life in Black and White

sketch-amit-shelkeEveryone has immense interest in art whether you can create one or not. Whenever people see a magnificent piece of work they couldn’t stop praising it. Drawing is one of such interesting arts which nowadays popularly known only as the base for painting. It is very easy to show life on paper with lots of colors; but showing it with only two colors, that’s tough.

When using colors it is easy to create the real life look of the view using different colors to create different effects. In sketching the artist has only two colors to show the world with his color imagination. Mostly sketch will give people the idea of drawing as just pencil outlines in their head, but it is more than that. The artist’s vision which is developed on paper by using very basic tools of drawing like pencils, erasers etc. is sketching. What makes sketching different from the drawing is the way the light effects and minute details are shown in it. Steady hand in addition to the shades of the sharpened pencil makes the normal drawing a great sketch. Sketches are mostly famous for pencil portraits. It also includes the natural views and abstract art.

Pencil portraits are mainly created from live models or the photo or the complete imagination of the artist. The toughest part of creating a portrait is making it look like a real. When using colors it is easy to do so as the light effect and minute details can be shown using different colors or shades of color. Pencil portrait is the work of shades to show the minute details on the human face and body, light effects on different parts etc.

While creating the scenic view of the nature on paper with black and white shades the artist has to play with shades of lights using only pencils. Natural scenes are full of colors so it is easy to show them with different colors like the painters do. When showing natural scenes in black and white each color should represent the different shades of black and white and that is what makes it more difficult. Consider the scene life sunrise from mountains which has different shades of yellow, blue, green etc. It will make easy to show with different colors; but if you consider showing it only using black and white color you will understand the difficulty of drawing it on paper.

Abstract art never points to any realistic or figurative entity; but it carries the different perception towards the things. The jumping thoughts in the artist’s mind make the absolute abstract sketch on the paper. Abstract art is nothing but the artist expressing his thoughts on the paper. Abstract art is just the projection of thoughts on the paper. Colors make abstract art noticeable to common person. Illustrating thoughts on paper is tough but using only black and white to create such an art gets even tougher.

Drawing is the basic part of any art created on paper or canvas. Sketching never considered as the mainstream art form. Painting makes its way in main art forms due to the wide range of colors used in it. Sketching also is not any lesser art than the painting; it is more challenging and difficult art form as it includes only one color to deal with. The most used tools for sketching are the pencils of different shades and easier to create brighter shades. Artist’s patience, hard work, Imagination of colors makes the outstanding art of sketching. Sketching is another word for the life in black and white. It is necessary that Pencil Sketching should be considered as the main art form and also should get the importance. It is the wonderful art and need to be recognized.



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