Simple Stress-busters

Is your super-paced lifestyle taking its toll on you? If the exhaustion is getting too hard to handle and you find yourself smoking excessively, binge eating, or indulging in such other maladaptive behaviour, you are in need of help. But you don’t at once need medication .. or a shrink! Here are a few tried and tested ‘home remedies’ that will help to nip the stress in the bud.
Let the Music Play
When it comes to stress, music is the best medicine! It is the easiest means of unwinding and can do you wonders. And it doesn’t have to be of any special kind. Anything that is music to YOUR ears will help. So just put together your favourite collection, sit back and listen. Sing along if you feel like it and don’t stop yourself if you feel like dancing!

Massage it up..

A massage is the ultimate formula for rejuvenation. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time for a fancy professional one. A simple massage at home, from anyone who can perform it (with a reasonable level of expertise!) should do the trick.

Pet Time
Most pet owners would agree that spending time with animals is therapeutic. If scientific studies are to be believed, interaction with a pet produces a relaxation response in human beings. Cuddling a dog or even merely watching the movement of fish swimming in an aquarium is said to have a soothing effect on the mind. Now whether you believe this or not, there’s definitely no harm in trying it out, is there?

EXERCISE… This time it’s not just to lose weight!
Exercise helps to relieve pent up pressure. It isn’t always necessary to hit the gym and it doesn’t have to be very rigorous. You could simply go for a walk, jog, cycle, or choose to do anything else that requires some amount of physical energy, for at least 30 minutes a day.

Hold Your Breath!
A few of the ‘Pranayam’ (breathing) techniques are extremely easy and non time consuming. Picking up and practising these (the right way) would definitely prove beneficial in beating stress.

Apart from these, try engaging in any activity you enjoy, be it reading a book, cooking, gardening… You will be surprised to discover how effectively your hobby can become your key to relaxation!



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