Should I turn my computer off or leave it on all the time?

Here are some of the common questions that computer and laptop users have in mind; should I turn my computer off at night? When should I leave my computer on? And many more.

Well if you are on a network and you need to keep upgrading your software’s over night or you need to be on the network to receive files from the administrators you should leave your computer on.

If your computer is a server of some sort and needs to constantly update other computers, then you need to leave you computer on.

If you have software that needs to be working on constantly in order to get your work done, then you will need to leave the computer on.

These were the situations in which you should leave your computers on.  Some people keep put their computers off when they are not using it as it is more economical. A normal desktop PC consumes around 300 watts of electricity. If you use your computer only for a few hours in a day then you it is best to keep it off. For example I only use my personal computer for about 2 hours a day. If I leave it on for the rest of time that I’m not using it, it will consume electricity and energy will be wasted.

If you still want to keep your computer on all the time, then you can change the setting of your computer to consume less energy. For example you can set your monitor and hard dist to power down when they are not being used. This will consume relatively less energy.

By keeping your computer off when not in use, you can save quite a lot of energy.




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