Seven Reasons Your Resume Got No Response

In today’s time applying for a job is like sending out a drop in the pool. As the volume of applicants is so higher that may be you hear nothing from the employer. If in a specified period of time if you don’t get any interview or phone call, even a thank you mail then there may be the following reasons behind that:

1. Your presentation not up to the expectation-
you may not have a cover letter or the objective in the resume is wrong in context with the job requirements. You must do your homework before applying for a job. As most of the times the candidates have no clue what they are applying for.

2. Time constraint-
companies receive so many resumes that sometimes they don’t get time to reply or maybe they take two to three weeks to send the acknowledgements or confirmation mails.

3. You may have not followed the directions-
whatever directions are given in the job description is not followed by you. Make sure that you are responding exactly the way the employer wants. If you are not applying for the specific job but rather sending dozens of form letters then your resume may end up in the spam folder of the company.

4. Not applied for an appropriate job-
you may be overqualified, under qualified or otherwise just wrong for it. Don’t assume that the company will find a right job/position for you. Sometimes employer may ask, “Have you even read the job description?”

5. Missed the deadline-
it may possible that you have missed the last date to send the application form or may possible you have sent the resume on wrong address due to hurry.

6. They have a better option-
it might be possible that they have found someone who is more qualified than you or could be more close to the specific job requirements. May be the other person’s qualification and experience are best matched with the job.

7. There isn’t any job-
some companies don’t have any vacancies still they call for applicants just to hire them in future. The other reason could be that due to lack of budget or a last minute decision the company eliminates the job opening even before it is filled.



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