Seven Body Language Moves to Avoid

Body language is the conveying of one’s feelings by movement or position of your body. Our body moves can tell half the story about what we are thinking. It can exhibit more information than telling verbally. Body language is the most important part of our personality. Some gestures project a very positive message while some body language habits can ruin your personal as well as professional life. Here are some body language moves that you must avoid:

1. Standing too close –
It just makes other people uncomfortable. Most people want their own personal space around them. It is recommended not to cross anybody’s invisible boundary.

2. Looking down
When in the presence of other people you look down it shows your disinterest and sometimes interpreted as a sign of arrogance. One should always make eye contact while talking and should look straight ahead when you know someone.

3. Looking at the watch frequently –
Checking the time frequently or inspecting the room or surrounding is a strong sign of boredom. Never look at the time while speaking or listening to someone. Some people have a habit of inspecting their fingernails that also gives a wrong impression of the person. These bodily moves should be avoided.

4. Making narrow eyes –
While in a conversation don’t make your eyes narrow as it gives a signal of disliking and anger. All of us have seen tigers and dogs do narrow their eyes when they are angry. Some people don’t even know that they are doing this. Try to know that you are not one of them as it sends wrong message to the person we are speaking to.

5. Holding something in front –
When you hold any object, say, a coffee mug, a notebook, a handbag, etc. in your hand in front of your body then it gives indications like you are trying to hide yourself behind the object. It shows your low confidence, shyness and resistance. So instead of carrying an object in front of your body, hold them at your side.

6. Stroking the chin –
We often see people stroking their chin when they are making decision. So when you are stroking your chin while looking at someone it may seem you are making a judgemental decision about him.

7. Picking the corner of your cloth –
It is one of the most negative sign of body language. When you pick the corner of your cloth in conjunction with looking downward it shows your disapproval of their ideas or uneasiness in giving them your honest opinion.

When we have the right information, we can overcome our negative body language habits by doing a little practice.



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