Self Employment Ideas

Self employment opportunities come in diverse forms and the more lucrative ones end up being the ones from which most is minted. The ideas that really click are the ones that are in sync with the entrepreneur’s interests. It has been proved that you are the most efficient when you do something you love and enjoy. Therefore think deeply about what you’re passionate about and think about career options on the lines of that.


  • Catering – Love to cook? Then you must consider dipping your feet into the world of Catering.With the help of allied services like transportation and packaging and constantly upgraded innovative ideas you can turn your passion into a completely profitable business.
  • Beauty- The number of parlors set up within the walls of a home is on the rise. If you’re interested and skilled to be a beautician, this is a very viable idea.
  • Artsy skill – If you’re good at any art related hobby such as painting, sculptures, embroidery etc you could sell your pieces of art instead of stacking them up in your showcase.
  • Consultancy – This is an area you can venture if you have a specialization in a particular field.You could be a marketing consultant, financial consultant, business consultant etc.
  • Web designer – If you have a flair for design and are equipped with the required  computer  knowledge, this is a field you can consider.
  • Freelance writer – This covers a wide range of writing styles. As a freelance writer you can write for a variety of print publications including newspapers, magazines, journals, websites, blogs, merchant sites etc.
  • Babysitting and daycare – Because of the increasing number of women who go to work, there is a desperate need for daycare and babysitting. If you’re good with children and have a large area in hand, daycare is exactly what you’re looking for. In case there is restriction of space, you can do babysitting on a smaller scale.



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