See the world with Google Map Street View

Google Street View is a new technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth. Google Street View provides panoramic views from position along different places in the world. In a simpler language, Google Maps Street View allows you to explore various places around the world with 360 degree imagery.  You can view landmarks, natural wonders, restaurants and many more as if you are actually there.

Imagery of Street view is collected by using a car with Cameras, GPS devices etc. So The Street view vehicle whatever it may be amongst Car, Bike, Trolley or snowmobile depending on the environment of a particular area has a camera which collects images as the vehicle passes through different places.  So when we view Google map Street view for a place we can have 360 degree look around the place where the Street View Car has been ranging from a street in Las Vegas to Sydney Australia or New Delhi in India.

How to use the Street View?

The first step is to go to Google map and find the place that you want to visit in street view. After finding that place you can pick up the Pegman icon on the top left of the map and drop it to the location where you want see in street view mode.

To rotate your view in the street you can either use the rotate wheel on top left of the screen or your can user your mouse or keyboard to do so. If you are using the mouse you can click and drag to change your view and for keyboard you can use the left and right arrows on the keyboard.

To walk down a place you can either click on the white arrows on the screen or use the up and down arrows on the keyboard.

To exit the Street view mode of Google map, either click on the top right corner or zoom out to view the map.

Google Street View is currently available in North America, parts of South America, Most of Europe, and South Africa, parts of middle-east, Australia and parts of Asia.



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