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Science fiction books are probably one of the most interesting things children come across, when it actually comes to reading some book. It is that better way of keeping a kid engaged where for once he is not fidgeting with his remote control toys, or sitting in front of the television or exploring new games on the computer/internet. Not only does science fiction include aliens, spaceships and planets, but it also include time travel where it is a big plot device, fascinating a lot of kids and encouraging them to get accustomed to the wise activity of reading. Science fiction books, these days, are probably one of the best ways to get a kid used to reading, very unlikely a sight to encounter in this world where television, computer and gadgets rule the world. Due to this immense growing popularity of science fiction novels for kids, here are some enlisted books which, I feel being myself a sci-fi fan are a great read for children.


  • Alien Secrets by Annette Curtis Klause is one fun and a quick read novel. The protagonist is Puck, a 13 year old girl who has been expelled from her boarding school on Earth and must travel to the planet Aurora where her parents, are working as xenobiologists. During her journey she befriends an alien and the book very fascinatingly depicts the experiences of Puck which include going through vents, and sometimes climbing and traveling in space. One can read this books how many ever times he wants, because this book could be everything but boring and uninteresting.
  • The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau tells about this one mysterious city called Ember, where the city ends and the light ends. The darkness takes over at the city limits, in the Unknown Regions. The people of Ember believe that this city if the only light in the world of darkness, but now all the light seems to be fading and going off.  The whole book is based on the lines of why such a mysterious thing is happening to this city and how two people try their best to save the people of Ember. A very detailed experience given in this book, this novel is sure to send the creeps down your spine.
  • Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones is a tense and thrilling novel which tells about The Dog Star if charged guilty by his heavenly peers for murder, and thus he vows to be reborn as a dog on the earth and would put in his efforts to clear his name. Helpless and confused, his adventures begin with a scrappy struggle for survival and take him to a rather dysfunctional family, where he befriends this lovely girl named Katherine. Thus, this book gives a vivid description of the experiences of this lovely cute dog, at the same time not losing out on the elements of being an exciting and a perfect science fiction fantasy.
  • Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl tells about Elana, who is from an advanced space faring race, on a mission to save the Andrecians from having their planet invaded by another space faring race. A class sci-fi fiction novel filled where the author has conceptualized about fairy tales and how civilization moves from myth to science, and also blending these concepts with rigor and rationalization. A very good sci-fi book theoretically, it is a stunning account and portrayal of self-sacrifice, compassion and courage.

Thus, the combination of traveling back to time and inventing these weird and strange planets and starts is surely a winning combination as such books are a hype among growing children. Where fictional and non fictional novels could be really boring and repel kids from books, science fiction is surely one of the most appealing ways where one can convert their kid to a frequent book reader.



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