Samsung reveals the future proof Smart TV set

Samsung has created the latest Smart TV set. This TV set can be upgraded every year with new features, improvements and new functionalities. The new Samsung set was announced at the CES show in Las Vegas and had quite a great response. The TV set cannot have more than one window open like a computer, but the apps look the same way they do on a computer. You can also search for music, movies, TV shows and various other apps and files. According to Samsung this TV set has a ‘System on chip’ technology which can be upgraded with new technologies without changing the hardware so the customer will not have to purchase a new set. Samsung also mentioned that it is going to continue with its alliance with Google in order to develop a completely new TV experience for the consumers.

Even though it is not in the Samsung’s interest to create a TV set, which can be upgradable with new technology and the consumer will not have to regularly purchase new sets, Samsung said that the TV market is getting left behind as the connected services develop more and more.

Samsung also said that this TV’s role in a family is bringing the whole family together after a day apart on different devices.

At CES show in Las Vegas, Samsung also announced some changes and upgrades to its Smart TVs such as Voice control, movement control and facial recognition. Basically the users of Samsung Smart TVs this year, will be able to turn on the TV by just saying “hi TV”, can get online through the TV by saying “web browser” and increase or decrease the volume by pointing their hand. The new Smart TV demand has been forecasted to make 98 million sold units around the world in 2012 and it will eventual reach 236 million in the year 2015. Currently there are 1,400 Smart TV apps available in the store such as LoveFilm, Teletext Holidays, Rightmove, Facebook, Twitter, Blinkbox, Thomson Local and BBC iPlayer.

One of the biggest and strongest competitions for Samsung Smart TV is Sony with its new device known as HX850 LED TV that almost has the same functionality but with access to the Sony Entertainment Network.



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