Samsung Galaxy S IV Unveils their Launch Date

The much- anticipated Smartphone by Samsung has finally declared its launch date. Samsung Galaxy S IV, the next version of Galaxy S III is expected to come in market on March 14th. Samsung has confirmed the rumors, saying that this phone will be officially launched in New York on 14th March.


The features of this phone are not yet disclosed formally. But according to the buzz, the phone is said to have a 5-inch AMOLED display screen, camera of 13 mega pixel and Exynos 5 Octa processor with eight cores. There is another rumor saying that the mobile will feature KNOX, which is security software. KNOX software allows the user to differentiate between the usage of the Smartphone for work and for personal use. These leaked features are already attracting many people.

Rather than introducing Samsung Galaxy S IV in World Mobile Congress which is taking place in Barcelona, this week, Samsung is planning to organize an exclusive event for launching this much- awaited Smartphone.

The success of the phone is already guaranteed as these Galaxy phone series are already dominating in the Smartphone market. If the phone is launched with the KNOX feature then it is surely going to prove to be a tough competition to other Smart phones coming up in the market. Galaxy S IV is intending to have a good head start on sales.



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