Samsung Galaxy Note SIII Plans to launch with LCD Screen

On one side the whole world is impatiently waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV on the other side Korean Smartphone Company is keenly focusing on the features of Samsung Galaxy Note III. There are rumors spread about S III Note, which is expected to be to be launched with LCD display.


The reports suggested that the Note II which had AMOLED display will not be the feature of its sequel. The S Note series is planning to integrate LCD display for their upcoming version for the better S-Pen experience. The experience will be more effective on LCD screen rather than AMOLED display. The LCD will be presented by Sharp. Samsung has already tested the Sharp LCD display for its recent Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Even Galaxy Note 10.0 is using LCD display.

Few days back there were news about Samsung Note S III to be launched with 6.3 inch display screen instead of 5.9 inch which was discussed earlier. According to the rumors , Galaxy S III Note will also feature 13 Megapixel camera with green PHOLED display which is almost 30% more battery efficient than other Smartphones. This Note was expected to be out in market in late 2013, but the latest news has created a buzz just before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV. The buzz will be confirmed only after the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S Note III.



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