Samsung Galaxy Camera

With Samsung galaxy camera, Samsung has brought to the world the first connected camera. What you can do with this camera is take photos, edit them and share them online in real time. The camera has 21x optical zoom, 4.8 inch edge to edge touch display, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, pop-up flash, optical image stabilization, voice control, HD video capture capability, 8GB internal storage, 1GB RAM and uses android 4.1 (jellybean) operating system. However there is nothing exceptional in its picture quality. In some cases it is just a point-and-shoot camera attached to a smartphone without the calling capability.

The camera: as mentioned before the camera will fail to blow you out of your mind but it certainly has the features of a good point-and-shoot. With 21x optical zoom there is hardly any noise but colors can sometimes be a bit hazy or oversaturated. Though the photos are in the same rank as photos taken by some other much less expensive point-and-shoot cameras, taking photos with the galaxy camera is much easier and fun. Manual settings are easily accessible and you can flip through setting the shutter speed, aperture, exposure and ISO without being intimated by an array of buttons with unfamiliar signs. The image processor is a little slow. There is also a pause while switching from camera to phone mode. It does not use an SD card. So if you want to transfer photos to your computer you have to use a USB cord or Bluetooth. Turning on or turning off the camera is not just a button click. It is switched on and off through a procedure like an Android tablet. The camera shoots HD videos and the quality is quite good. Videos can also be shot in slow motion.
Android operating system: the presence of an operating system is what sets the galaxy camera apart. The camera has all apps like Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ through which you can instantly upload your photos. And you can use thousands of other apps such as Google Now, YouTube, Skype, Google Play, Gmail, Angry Birds, Grand Theft Auto etc. that you can use in an Android phone. Everything on this camera is like using an Android smartphone. You can even check the weather on this thing. The only thing is you cannot place calls using this camera but you can communicate through Skype.
The camera is presently priced at Rs 29,900. That is pretty high either as a price of a phone or of a camera. With that money you can buy far more impressive cameras by Nikon or Cannon. And even if you go for a smartphone, that money will fetch you a high-end one. If you require shooting pictures and immediately uploading them, then maybe this camera is a good one for you but that is something any smartphone can do. Since the phone does not offer much apart from the new idea “connected camera”, therefore the price of the camera is going to ascertain its popularity.




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