Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be fun and exciting as well as dangerous or risky as you are going to a place where everything and everybody is new to you. There are many things that can happen while traveling to a foreign country. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting in trouble or facing an unwanted situation.

1. Things you should do before leaving and your arrival
Remember that you should maintain safety from the beginning of your journey. This means while packing for your trip you should know what to take and what not to. Here are some points you should remember while packing and traveling.

  Do not carry cash more than required. Make use of your credit or debit card.
•  Men should keep their cash and cards in the front pocket and women can keep it in their hand bag or purse.
  After reaching the hotel keep your cash and cards in your room’s safe or the locker.
  Do not wear expensive jewelry as you can become a target for thieves.
  If you must carry jewelry then you should keep it hidden while traveling.
  Dress casually with dull colors.
  If on medication, carry the prescriptions and the doctor’s letter with you.
  Make sure that the names of the drugs are mentioned on the prescription. If not ask your doctor to do    so.
•  Keep photocopies of your important documents with your family or friends and make sure that you keep in touch with them.
  Make sure that you have enough information about the place that you are visiting. Information  such as laws and customs are important.
  Try to dress like a local of that place. This way you won’t be taken advantage of by some.

Points to remember after arrival to the destination
•  Once you reach the hotel room, make sure that there is not anything unusual.
  Plan a schedule for your whole stay and decide what places you want to visit and when you want to visit them. You can also ask the hotel staff about the touristic places of the city or town and how to get there.
  Let your hotel arrange for your transport. (important point)
  You should know where you are going. You can figure it out by taking a look at the map.
Remember that before taking a trip abroad you have considered all these points and you have what you need and you know what you need to know.



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