Sabotaging shyness

 He is shy and unpopular. 

She is introvert and dull.

But why?

What goes wrong inside us that we become shy? Why we fear to open up in public? Why we do not interact and socialize? Why we are unable do the things outside which we do in our closed room? Why we always left out everywhere? Why are we so shy? – Shy people


You are good and want to be outgoing and happy. You see those smiling people everywhere and want to be like them. But what held you shackled is your shyness which prevents you from being happy by socializing and sharing moments with others. You are unnoticed and forgotten everywhere, and you hate that. You feel the need to change. You need change inside you.

What is the problem with you huh?

You think too much about yourself. Always compare your identity with others. Evaluate, judge and generate pessimism. Fear of rejection is all over your mind.


You may be as good as Amelie but stop being shy. Even she dared in the end. There may be some perks of being a wallflower but stop; you don’t want to be shy, right!

You are not a loser, you are born with the wings. Fly.

Be confident. Just saying “Be confident” is not enough. Confidence comes with winning. If you fail, you’ll end up with the feelings of being a loser. The situation will worsen and you will become insecure and not open up. This is shyness.

To be confident, read and acquire knowledge. Forget about the bullshit people speak. You say when you need to say. The more you know, the more you speak, and moreover speak relevantly. Learn, Knowledge is power.

Open up slowly. Start with like minded people. Find people like you and share something. Grow in it and expand your contacts. Slowly open up with different kinds of people. Don’t zip your lips. Speak. If you have something in your mind, blurt it out. Nobody will kill you if you say something wrong. And if they laugh, you too laugh with them. There is nothing to worry. Just be cool and don’t take anything seriously.

Break the shell. You will never go forward if you always stay in your comfort zone. Fight your shyness and go ask that beautiful girl out. Don’t predict the consequences, just do it. If she agrees then you win and if not, then don’t be sad that you are rejected. Forget that bad day.

Love and let love. Don’t be too presumptuous about people around you. There are always some lovely people around you. Love them and let them love you. Don’t hide yourself in the closet. Come out and smile. Go ahead and meet people. You’ll notice that you are slowly becoming that happy person whom you once imagined to be.

If you want to stay shy, then it’s Ok! But if you really want to change then you have to be fearless. Feel the fire inside you. Beat that shyness and be the person you always want.



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