Romanticism v/s Realism

The field of arts, music and literature has offered us a lot over time. Newer genres are created even today. And they keep us totally engaged with the new and utterly creative people and art around us. Two such assets or properties are romanticism and realism! Moreover, they have similar subjects in their work but the way they portray selves differs greatly! Hence, it is really important that we should compare both and get the differences clear!

Realism, it was like a movement which followed Romanticism. As the situation suggests, the era of romanticism is market by the supernatural and people that were perfect, out of this world. On the other hand realism is much grounded and much like the name suggests, opines reality with events that are inspired from real life. Other than the basic differences there’s much more to Romanticism and Realism. Here’s the overview of both.

Romanticism went against realism in early eighteenth century as realism is clearly based on practicality and grounded on logical approaches. Some individual characteristics of romanticism are

  • Romanticism deal with a very idealistic way of life. And al characters in romanticism are moreover extreme. Like a hero has all positive qualities and a villain has all negative qualities. So, extremes!
  • Romanticism deals with vague approach towards things and difficult to deal with its depths of real meaning.
  • Most of every romantic work we enjoy has a happy ending.

Realism, as the name suggests is more practical and real truth of life. Some of the characteristics are

  • Realism picks experiences from real life, be it art, literature or music.
  • The concept of everything in realism is obvious and not metamorphic and moreover everything is evident by its very nature.
  • Realism is based on life experiences and doesn’t glorify itself with embellishments, which might be perceived bad or good.
  • This one may not always have happy ending.




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