Rock Climbing in India

Rock climbing is very much similar to mountaineering. But there’s surely some difference. The basic features of rock climbing involve face, using only hands, feet and a safety rope. If you can pull your weight on your hands, then this sport is surely for you.

India has many places that provide suitable areas for rock climbing. The main areas for rock climbing in India are in its Northern part.

The Aravalli hills are one of the known ones. For rock climbing enthusiasts, Himachal Pradesh is a wonderland. The state has excellent regions for like Manali, Patalsu, and Bharmour for rock climbing. In rock climbing there are different features which make the sport a little convenient event like slabs, chimneys, walls and overhangs, fortunately Himachal Pradesh has in almost every rock climbing areas. In India, there is a provision for mountain climbing institutes that render complete knowledge for rock climbing. Uttrakhand is also an appropriate state for rock climbing. The Gangotri region has excellent high altitude rocks for climbing. Except the monsoon season in India, rock climbing can be played throughout the year. But in Hilly areas like the ones in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand, even the winter season is not safe for rock climbing. Adding on to the places- Nanital and Pithoragarh proves to be the ultimate challenging destination for this adventure sport.

Rock climbing is becoming popular in India now and mountaineering clubs in the country are imparting training to the novice. Since, it is a part of any expedition, the mountain climbing enthusiasts have to learn and practice this game before one can think of joining an expedition.



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