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The area of Powai in Mumbai has grown overwhelmingly when it comes to restaurants. Without being restricted to just the normal Indian and Chinese taste, Powai comes out with a vast stretch of international and North Indian cuisines, which you wouldn’t resist trying out. This is one place where you have a wide range of cuisine to choose from, and tempt and satisfy your taste buds in some of the popular restaurants below.

1.Mantra: This restaurant might just look as if it is going to create a hole in your pocket, but a glimpse of the menu will relax you like never before. It would probably be a challenge to find a restaurant as good as Mantra. Indulge you taste buds in the wide variety of dishes Mantra has to offer, and be relaxed in the peaceful and comfortable ambience of this restaurant. This place is worth the money as the quality and quantity of the dishes go hand in hand with the reasonable prices, which would not upset you.

2.Mainland China: Great place to tickle your taste buds with authentic Chinese delicacies. Even not a Chinese foodie would surely fall in love with the whole ambience and quality of food that this restaurant has to offer. With a very prompt and attentive staff, th service is prtty good and fast paced. Overall, it provides a great meal. By the end of the day it will surely burn your pocket, but would leave your tongue contended.

3.Kosho: Extremely famous for the yummy biryani this restaurant offers, it is one of the famous multi cuisine restaurants in Powai. Privacy is well maintained and evident from the proper and decent seating arrangement. The starters are a must try as they will make you want for more of them. Extremely peaceful ambience, this restaurant will not let you down with the delicious food with just the right quality and quantity, refraining from high price rates. Overall, this place promises to give you an awesome dining experience.

4.Sesame: This restaurant offers authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai delicacies. Having to offer a good and decent ambience, with a friendly staff, you can interact with the Chefs too. This is the only restaurant in Powai where delicious Sushi is served. Amazing food quality would not disappoint you as they are not heavy with prices. Something which everyone can afford, this restaurant stands strong in the area of Powai.

5.Fratelli Fresh: This restaurant will win you over with its location; living up to the first impression is the last impression fact. Getting some authentic Italian dishes to your plate, this restaurant also offers some of the best Italian wines which you would love to sip on. With an open kitchen, your dishes are cooked and baked right in front of you, making the experience all the more unique and enjoyable. It gives you the lovely view of the Powai lake, and with the tasty touch of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, the ambience would simply light up anyone’s heart.




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