Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore is famous for its diversity. Its diversity stretches from people to food to cafes in fact to street food as well.  South Indian, North Indian, Arabian, Chinese, Thai are served all over the city. The local attractions are the Udupi restaurants, which are very easy to locate as they are seen in very hook and nook of the city.

The great thing about dining in Bangalore Restaurants is that succulent variety of food available up for grabs from regions all over India.

This article takes you on a journey of scrumptious, finger-licking food available in five top-notch restaurants in Bangalore.

 1.   Jamavar

The plush and classy Jamavar has been voted as one of the best top ten dining restaurants in the world. Elegant, hand crafted furniture with swanky Indian varieties on the menu, Jamavar transports you into another era altogether.The outside seating arrangement is brilliantly placed. The entire place is lit up with dim lights and creates the perfect ambiance.

Delicious South Indian curries and lobsters are a must eat.

2.   Koshy’s Jewel Box and Parade Café

This has remained the favorite local dining place since before the British left. Extensive Sunday brunches are lavishly held here and this attracts the major crowd. Although this place has a fewer options on its menu, people come to relax here and linger over a beer or two. Cheep on the pocket, from teenagers to adults, everyone is a part of the Jewel Box.

 3.   Oyster Bay

This place is literally a bay of seafood as indicated from the restaurant name itself, Oyster Bay is noted for its large diversity of sea-food. This place has been voted as one of Bangalore’s hygienic restaurants. Lobsters, prawns, oyster and a list of endless seafood are served at the bay! Come and explore the bay for yourself.

4.   Higher Taste

This place is treat for all the vegetarians. From south Indian food to Punjabi dishes, this place is a heaven for all the veggies. The most famous food served at Higher taste is the scrumptious south Indian food served authentically on the banana leaf. With the rice to the curries and even the dollop of colorful chutney’s, higher taste has been an eye candy to all the veggies out there.

 5.   Bistro Claytopia

Apart from the normal restaurant scenario, Bistro Caytopiahas come up with a unique concept. People can “chill” literally here. Not just by eating but also by indulging in a variety if activities such as reading, painting, watching movies or playing boards games. The food especially the pasta is absolutely mouth watering here. Bistro Claytopia generates a very eccentric crowd here. Teenage-goers call this place their “adda”. It’s an absolute 10 on 10 in terms of food, atmosphere and entertainment.

Bangalore cannot be restricted to just “five” top-notch restaurants. This city extensively has kept the diversified crowd’s needs in mind and has created a brilliant place for foodies!




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