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Andheri, divided as East Andheri and West Andheri is known to be that part of Mumbai which is always spilling with crowds, irrespective of it being a weekday or a weekend. Famous for its huge chain of restaurants, these two parts of Andheri are a sure visit if you are in Mumbai. Right from a complete Chinese restaurant to the cheapest fast food joints, Andheri wouldn’t disappoint you atleast when it comes to an awesome dining experience. Here are some of the restaurants in Andheri worth trying out.

1.Wild Wild West: Located in Andheri West, Mumbai, this spacious wooden décor will keep you on your toes with live music, band performance and karaoke. This restaurant is well known for its quick and prompt service and some delicious snacks, which would make your experience more worthwhile. It is decorated with artifacts which would remind you of the old cowboy movies, and thus lives up to its name aptly. It offers just the right ambience and the quality food that you could expect from a good restaurant to make your evening more peaceful and enjoyable, as the prices are really not that heavy on pockets.

2.Sizzling Bites: Located in Andheri East, this small restaurant comes out as a big surprise for people, who love good spicy food. Been reviewed as a gem of a place, the food served here could remind anyone of delicious home-made food. It offers a variety of dishes; the food is definitely worth the money. Some dishes would get you into a real fix as you wouldn’t know what to chose from, that is how equally tasty and quality food they offer. This restaurant has a very homely look to it, being small, but with an overwhelming fragrance.

3.Kobe Sizzlers: One delicious restaurant for sizzlers in Andheri East again, this restaurant offers the best of sizzlers, along with finger licking Chinese, Thai and Italian food. It has a wide range of sizzlers, enough to fill your stomach with great taste and generous portions. It has an excellent ambience, making customers very comfortable, but the comfortablility is contradicted with the prices as this restaurant is a little expensive. It is a cozy sizzler joint for real food appetite, with great service. By the end of the day, this restaurant wouldn’t let you go disappointed.

4.Grillopolis: Offering awesome grilled dishes with an extensive buffet spread, located in Andheri West, this place is the perfect choice for people having a colossal appetite, and wouldn’t mind eating to their hearts content. With nicely done up interiors and a lovely ambience, it offers equally great quantities of starters and main course, unlike other restaurants where they don’t weigh much on the main course. Being a quiet little place, it does get a little noisy on weekends, but the food drowns down all the irritation and noise.

5.Blue Waters: Yet again another popular restaurant in Andheri West, interiors were strikingly attractive and decent to enjoy an evening. The décor and ambience is one to admire with a wide range of food ranging from different cuisines. The service is very prompt and good, with friendly staff to make you feel at ease. Yet some dishes are exorbitantly priced, the ambience and the quality of food would justify it all.




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