Research Pane on Google Docs!

Google doc now has an exciting new feature-the Research Pane. Now onwards users can look for any kind of information without leaving the Google Docs page. Placed on the right of the document, the research pane allows user to search the entire web or just limit it to image search using the Google Search Engine. Any data needed to write your document is now made available on the research pane. Get quick look ups for maps, images and quotes with the research pane.

To access the research pane by pressing CTRL+ALT+R on the windows keyboard or right click the word and select the research pane option from the tools menu. Apart from these functionalities, you can click on the ‘Insert Button’ to add content of your interest to the doc or just drag and drop multimedia data like image into your Google Doc. When you add external content to your doc, a footnote stating the source of the information will be displayed automatically on the footer.

With an additional 5GB storage space, stylish new fonts and new templates, no wonder we call Google has ruled internet for so long.



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