Research on New Ways to Block Spam Mail

Washington: Researchers from Concordia University have suggested a new way to deal with the spam mails. They have come up with a new method to get rid of the unwanted emails in inbox.



PhD candidate Ola Amayri and thesis supervisor, Nizar Bouguila have conducted a comprehensive study for spam filtering that quickly and efficiently blocks the spam mails. E-mail service providers such as Yahoo, Rediffmail, Google have been working consistently to get rid of this problem.

“Majority of previous research has focused on the textual content of spam emails, ignoring visual content found in multimedia content, such as images. By considering patterns from text and images simultaneously, we’ve been able to propose a new method for filtering out spam,” added researcher Ola Amayri.

The new technique has been tested on the English spam emails, it can be easily extended to other languages says Amayri. This method is still in development stage. The researchers are also working on a plug-in for SpamAssassin, the world’s most widely used open-source spam filter.

Amayri also added that the researchers in this field need to work together to keep adapting their methods  so that they can keep spam out and focus on those messages that are really important.



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