Remedies for Running Nose

Running nose is one problem that has attacked almost every soul on this earth, at least once in a lifetime. While at the same time, it falls under the list of those problems that happen way more frequently than many other major diseases. Usually taken mildly, this problem seeks a great amount of attention of not just yours but people around you as well, when it gets too strong and difficult to handle. It is not necessary that running nose is courtesy cold alone. It may happen due to an allergy or even spicy food at times.

It is naturally not feasible to carry a pack of paper napkins everywhere one goes, and using a handkerchief is a complete “No-No” when it comes to wiping or blowing off a runny nose by virtue of its increased probability of relapse of infection.

In order to bring to a halt, the teeming of your running nose with cold viruses, see how to get rid of the running nose by following these simple home remedies for running nose.

Cinnamilk: Mix 1 tbsp of cinnamon to a glass of lukewarm milk to form what’s called ‘Cinnamilk’. Now, snort up this mixture in your nose. Yes, it’s really awkward, but indeed one of the most sought after ways of clearing your paranasal sinuses.

Mustard Oil: Warm a little amount of mustard oil and pour it in a dropper. Drop this oil into either nostril carefully, ignoring the strong aroma. Make sure you do it with the two nostrils periodically and not simultaneously.

Chicken Soup: In case you are a non-vegetarian, chicken soup is at a quick rescue of you. Latest scientific researchers have verified the properties of chicken soup. Being an anti-inflammatory, it inhibits the neutrophils’ locomotion. Also, it consequently hastens the movement of mucus that relieves one from running nose.

Ginger Tea: Honoured to be an excellent home cure for running nose, tea prepared with ginger juliennes cooked in water along with an addition of brown sugar and optionally green onions, is an instant remedy. Though it is a way of Chinese tea preparation and originated as a remedy also in China, yet it has a wide acceptance all over the world and is considered highly plausible.

Ginger Juliennes: Chewing raw ginger that is very finely sliced around thrice a day is a proven remedy for quick relief from running nose.

Also, for vegetarians by nature, cloves of garlic boiled in water can be consumed as a soup for instant cure and better respiration.

Turmeric: You must try having a hot glass of milk mixed with turmeric powder and optionally ginger as well before retiring for the night.

Water: We hear about drinking plenty of water but never really imbibe it religiously. But, to get rid of a running nose, when we’re ready to do everything possible, then why not follow this simple tip judiciously. It keeps you hydrated, also keeping your sinuses moist and subsequently, less inclined to infection.

Curbing a running nose was never so easy. But, grandmas’ affectionately devised home remedies for every possible problem have always come at our rescue. Thank You grandmothers!!

Note: All these home remedies are only for informational purposes and they are not substitutes for professional medical advice.



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