Remedies for Neck Pain

By neck pain we mean a sudden pain the neck region including the shoulder.


  • The easiest way to get rid of neck pain is just to lie down and relax. This relaxes the muscles and eases the pain. But it should be kept in mind that no pillows are to be used. This will crimp the neck.
  •  If the pain is too excruciating, ice pack can be used as ice makes the region numb and reduces inflammation if any has occurred. To make an ice pack, ice should be crushed and put in a plastic bag, then covered in a pillow case. This then should be applied in the affected region for 15 minutes and then removed.
  •  Hot bag can also be used in the affected region as heat helps in the regulation of circulation. It also helps in loosening up the stiff muscles. But heat does have its die effects. Too much eat aggravates the pain so it should be used for a limited time period.
  •  At times neck aches are also caused when people take excessive tension and stress. So it is very important to relax. Too much stress can trigger muscle pain. The first step is to find out the things that cause stress. After the identification of these stressors, it is mandatory to think of dealing with them creatively. An easy way of dealing with it is through abdominal breathing or progressive relaxation. Other ways of relaxation include meditation, yoga, and exercise. Unconventional easy include adopting a hobby or listening to music.
  •  It is important to be of the proper weight. Being over-weight also triggers neck pain. The stronger and flexible you are, the better it is.
  •  Sit straight while working. Nowadays most of the people are used to the sedentary way of lifestyle. So it is important to maintain the correct the posture while doing the desk job. It is of vital importance to sit with your spine erect while working in front of your pc.
  •  While sitting and watching television at home or sitting inside the car it is essential to have a proper back and neck support.
  •  It is essential to change your body posture frequently. This generally applies for people who have a stressful sitting position. Breaks should be taken quite frequently.
  •  It is also mandatory to sleep on a firm mattress. Firm mattress actually helps in keeping the head and spine firm. Nowadays in the markets, almost every mattress selling company offers these mattresses for sale.
  •  Lastly, it is vital to do some neck exercises. These exercises are widely available on the internet and various lifestyle books in the market.

Note: All these home remedies are only for informational purposes and they are not substitutes for professional medical advice.



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