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Dry and dull hair has become a common problem for majority people with the dominance of severe weather conditions and increased used of harsh chemicals on hair. Hair is a very sensitive part of our body and demands extra care and time for proper maintenance. By taking some basic precautions, by following some home remedies for dry hair and by paying heed to some tips mentioned below, you can achieve better quality of hair and get rid of dry, dull and rough hair.

Make sure you don’t shampoo your hair too much because that will result in loss of natural oils from your scalp, thus making you hair dry and dull. Use shampoos between the pH of 4.5 and 6.7; they shouldn’t be harsh on your scalp. Try using sulphate free shampoos as sulphate steals moisture from the hair. Here are the names of top 10 shampoos suitable for dry hair:

1) Matrix Biolage, Ultra hydrating shampoo for dry, thick hair

2) Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo

3) Fab India Protein Shampoo

4) Dove dry hair/ intense damage therapy shampoo

5) Himalaya Protein Shampoo

6) Kerastase Shampoo

7) Opalis Shampoo

8) GarnierFruticsHaircare Fortifying 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner for dry and damaged hair

9) Pantene Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

10) Sunsilk Shampoo for dry hair

Always use conditioner after shampooing to retain moisture, smoothness and shine in your hair. People with dry hair must choose their hair products very wisely. Special products for dry hair are available in the market from shampoos, oil and conditioners to vinegar rinser and special serums. Chlorine water in swimming pools and hot tub is very harmful to hair. So, wear a shower mask. Cover your head whenever you step out, to protect your hair from sun rays and harsh weather conditions. Avoid using too much heat on your hair by excessive use of blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Also make sure you cut your split ends in every 6-8 weeks.

Apart from all these precautions, some home remedies can be of great use, like:

Problem of dry hair is primarily instigated due to loss of moisture and oil from hair follicles. So make sure you oil and message your hair properly with warm coconut oil. Put 5-6 cloves of crushed almonds in coconut oil, steam it and apply it to your scalp thoroughly while it is still warm.

Using egg for dry hair is a universal treatment followed by everyone. Beat an egg into milk or yoghurt, add lime juice and olive/coconut oil to it and mix it properly. Now apply it to your hair and deep into your scalp like a hair mask and then cover your head with a moist warm towel. Leave it for an hour and then wash it off with a proper shampoo from the ones mentioned above, followed by a good conditioner.

Make a paste of curd and mashed ripe bananas and apply it to you hair for good 20 minutes. Then wash it with shampoo, followed by conditioner and avail you hair moisture back.

Coat each strand of your hair properly with ‘plain’ mayonnaise and cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it as it is for around 20 minutes and then wash with your shampoo and conditioner. Why mayonnaise? Because it has the goodness of all 3 quintessential ingredients-eggs, vinegar and oil.

Mix apple cider vinegar with cool water and dispense it over your hair from root to tips after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. After few minutes, rinse it off to get smooth, supple and shiny hair.

You can also rinse your hair with a can of beer to restore the shine in your dull dry hair.

Note: All these home remedies are only for informational purposes and they are not substitutes for professional medical advice.




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