Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) 2012

Currently, Pune is considered as one of the fastest growing cities in India. This fast growth has turned Pune into a global destination for various purposes such as studies, investment, tourism etc. Film and Television Institute of India located in Pune has also created many opportunities for fresh talent for various genres of films and the film industry. Pune is known as “Oxford of the East” and the FTII located in this city fits in quite well. The head quarters of the National Film Archive of India are also located in Pune. This institute is a unit of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and it was established in the year 1964. This archive consists of about 10,000 films, 10,000 books, 10,000 film scripts and 50,000 photographs.

There are various types of commercial and non-commercial places in Pune taking from nostalgic theatres to multiplexes and enormous shopping malls. This city consists of a multi cultural population with varied interests, which provides a platform for an International Film Festival. This Festival mainly aims at offering a platform for the cinematography’s of the world and helps in understanding the film cultures of different nations.

PIFF (Pune International Film Festival) started in the year 2002 and it was quite successful as the first PIFF and it slowly turned into an annual event. The 10th PIFF is going to start on 12th January, 2012 and it will continue till 19th January, 2012. This festival will take place in Marathon Bhavan, Near Mitra Mandal Colony, Parvati, Pune, India and it is open to public.

The genres of films included in this festival are as follows:

• Comedy
• Documentary
• Drama
• Experimental
• Horror
• Romance
• Science Fiction
• Short
• Student
• Thriller

The awards of this ceremony or festival are as follows:

World Cinema

• Best International Film – Rs.10, 00,000
• Best International Film Director – Rs.5,00,000

Marathi Cinema

• Best International Marathi Film – Rs.5,00,000
• Best Marathi Film Director – Rs.25,000
• Best Marathi Film Actor – Rs. 25,000
• Best Screenplay – Rs.25,000
• Best Cinematographer – Rs.25,000

PIFF Special Awards

• Student of final year (direction) From film and television institute of India – Rs.25,000
• Whistling Woods International Student Competition
Short Film and Animation
• Best short film – US $ 2,000
• Best Director – US $ 1,000
• Best Screenplay – US $ 1,000
• Best international animation Film – US $ 500
• Best Indian animation film – US $ 500





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