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Delhi, as known to be one of the happening and interesting cities to visit and have fun, one cannot seem to get enough of the innumerable pubs and bars, which have people spilling in all day and all night! You can enjoy the decorations, the taste of food they have to offer, and the range of drinks and cocktails, to make your evenings more relaxing and enjoyable. There is no missing out on the night life of Delhi once you visit there. Here is a list of some of the interesting and famous pubs around the city.

1. Urban Pind: This pub in Delhi has surely been successful in minismising the line between the old and new, by offering interiors varying from the ambiance of the Khajuraho temples to the boastful spacious and ethnic contemporary interiors. They play music right from jazz and salsa to Bollywood music. This pub is the perfect combination and blend of the new and old world charm, with the bar having to offering everything one would want to have a peaceful time.

2. Aura: The Vodka Bar: Situated in the Claridges Hotel in Central Delhi, it offers the largest collection of vodka one would ever find. One of the best example of a chilled out cosmopolitan bar, it offers more than 40 varieties of vodka and vodka based drinks. One can have a taste of the strong and highly alcoholic Smirnoff Blue and Russian vodka Krepkaya to other premium brands like Jewel of Russia and Stolichnaya Gold vodka. You can enjoy these drinks anytime with a combination of light small bites to spice up your mood.

3. F – Bar: The most popular hub for the rich and famous crowd of Delhi, this stylish pub at The Ashok is known to be one of the city’s largest watering holes. Previously known as Ssteel, this pub is gripping with rich and highly famous celebrities sipping on high priced premium scotch and whiskey. Enjoying the electronic and house tracks played by the DJ, this place is undoubtedly the Mecca for the jet setting crowd.

4. Agni: Surrounded by dark wood lit by soft lights, it gives one a complete relaxing moment. Decorated with glass bead curtains and bronze firewall, the DJ plays some really enjoyable and you would surely never get to hear some kind of kiddie rock as in the other pubs. The feisty graphics and the contemporary decoration give an amazing outlook to the pub, supporting the fact that yes, surely a lot of thought had gone into giving this bar an exclusive unique look.

5. Turquoise Cottage: An inexplicably popular and a crowded bar, the rock music will force you to swing to dance, and the happening ambience would just extend your mood to party all night. The place might be crowded and not enough for a comfortable cosy cottage, but the alcohol supply and intake never stops. With happy hours after 10 in the night, don’t be surprised if you are the lone boozer at 7 in the evening. This pub, with its refreshing welcome drink on Sundays is sure to take you out of the lazy mood.

6. Djinns: It is a perfect blend of a pub-disco-restaurant club. Right from the mouth watering Lebanese food to Italian and other cuisines, Djinns has it all. The proliferation of other bars and pubs has definitely had no effect of this pub’s originality and quality, and remains the favourite of quite many people wanting to have a variety of munch bites while enjoying their drinks.

7. Shalom: Meaning peace in Hebrew, it is ironic for such a crowded, popular bar as it is cranking with people in the evenings and nights. As the day turns into cooler evenings and happening nights, the crowd keeps spilling in, and thus it turns into a boisterous bar with the DJ cranks up the tracks along with the demurring crowd. The Mediterranean platter is a must try once you step in this pub.




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