Pros of a ‘VEGAN’ Diet

If you happen to be a die-hard non vegetarian then this write-up is definitely a must-read! ” What is nice about being a vegetarian? There is nothing exciting about being a vegetarian!” These are some of the endless accusations on the most nourishing of diets – The vegan diet. Though there exists anomalies in the context of using the term ‘VEGAN’, the most befitting phrase defining the same would be ‘an individual who does not consume animal products of any kind’.


Have a look at the myriad benefits of adhering to a VEGAN diet before chewing into your meat ball:

  1. Turning towards a VEGAN diet shows your benevolence and perpetual support to the ‘SAVE-ANIMALS’ campaign. Powerful institutions have been fighting for this cause, doing every bit to stop animal slaughter. Just imagine! If you happen to give up your non-vegan food habits you might as well end up heading such a philanthropic initiative. Going vegan is the simplest of the contributions to make.
  2. The environmental impact of animal feeding is also a heartening reason to shift your base to the vegan diet. It involves putting in resources of all sorts to feed and nourish the animal. A goat is said to survive on 15kgs of grass every day. This means almost half an acre of green patch is needed to feed the animal. Four vegetarians can be fed with this natural output. If not for anything else, why not become a vegan for the environment?
  3. What do you see when you look into a plate full chicken fries? Tempting, isn’t it? Ask the same to a vegan and he will answer – diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and worst cancer! Consuming animal products is known to have ill effects on the health. The fat content that accumulates from animal food is said to have cancerous effects and leads to cardiac arrests as well. Humans are designed for consuming more natural and healthy friendly foods which come from the heart of the nature.
  4. Research has shown that a vegan diet is the most effective weight management technique which cuts down those extra calories without making you feel weak or fragile.
  5. A vegan diet helps to rejuvenate the mind and mould it to absorb positive thinking. Keep disastrous and inhuman thoughts at bay with a mind relaxing natural food habits.

If these factors do not provoke you to take a full-fledged vegan dsiet, probably this list of absolute vegan’s will motivate you to quit your non-vegan diet. Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras and Mahatma Gandhi have all been contumacious vegetarians. Look through what you will gain from turning a vegan, though there is nothing much to lose except a few pounds from your hip which are the left-overs of your non-vegan diet.

Take a day off to experience what really can a vegan diet can do! Then try going non-vegan from the next day. Probably this would harder than finding your way home through a dense dark pine tree forest!




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