Pros and Cons of the iPad

The apple family caused a stir when it put forwards its new invention – the iPad. To everyone who got a first glance of it, the idea of a laptop with the size of a book left everyone awestruck. However its complete success was being questioned a few weeks after it entered the market. Here are some of the pros and cons of the iPad

  • Pros

1. Battery life
With an incredible battery life of 10 hours the iPad also promises to stay on standby the entire day. Considering the low power retention in complex laptops or tablets , this can be considered a big plus point.

2. Size, design and mobility
Weighing only 1.6 lbs and having the thickness of half an inch ,  the iPad is sleek and stylish. Extremely compact and designed for travelling ,this tablet scores very well on this front.

3. Applications from the Apple store
With over 1,40,000 applications available in the apple store or “App store” for purchase that are exclusive only to the ipad and its family members , everything seems more personalized . These apps range from categories like entertainment , music , games and lifestyle to sports ,news and travel.They are also comparatively cheaper than applications available from elsewhere.

4. User-friendly
With an iPad, it is very convenient to browse on websites or read an online book , because of its large screen size and ability to scroll up or down easily.


  • Disadvantages

1. No External device connectivity
One of the biggest drawback of the ipad is the absence of an usb port. This makes it difficult to connect a  usb , hard drive or even an SD card.

2. Inability to multitask on the iPad
One of the biggest cons of the iPad is multitasking. Because of its interface it is not possible to run more than one complex application at a time.

3. High Cost
Costing about 600 $ for a tablet with 64 GB  space may comparatively not be a better option when there are laptops available in the market with a higher memory and features that an ipad does not seem to offer.

4. No CD Rom drive
Although the generation of CD’s are dying out, the absence of a CD – ROM drive can discourage many from buying the iPad.

5. No built in Camera
With the increasing popularity of video conferencing and applications like skype , the fact that the ipad does not have a built in camera is a huge drawback.

In short , appearance wise , the ipad easily beats any other tablet or laptop available in the market. It is also an almost all – in – one kind of device that encompasses many electronic gadgets into one. However some traditional softwares and hardwares are incompatible and this might be the only reason pulling down its popularity.




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