Pros and Cons of non traditional careers

Those days are gone when only conventional career choices were made by the youths. Now the barriers are being broken and offbeat career options are being preferred. As these uncommon choices provide the satisfaction, people are looking for the work where their passion lies. The conventional career choices of engineering and medicine is no longer a hot pick like it was before few years because now people understand the value of passion and love. They do what they love and that’s the only thing which makes them happy. However there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing a peculiar job.




  •  You’ll always be happy. It doesn’t matter how different your job is, if you love it, you’ll always be happy and work better. It will thus increase the productivity. The satisfaction which lacks in most working people will surely be with you.
  •  Sense of uniqueness. In India a high percentage of the population belongs to government employees, doctors and engineers. Choosing unconventional career options will give you a sense of uniqueness in the crowd which will only make you feel better.
  •  Catalyst of change. Opting for offbeat jobs brin
    g change. It not only keeps you spirited but inspires others to follow their passion. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a scientist or a shoemaker, passion is a passion.
  • More valued. As the number of working people in unconventional streams is less, so you will be given more value unlike giant companies where most of the employees become a wallflower because nobody cares.
  • Life will be fun. You will be doing what you like. Life will become a playground where you just have to play. It will be fun.


Most popular offbeat options

  • Film studies/Cinematography
  • Journalism/News presenter
  • Composing/singing/Sound engineering
  •  RJ/VJ/DJ
  •  Designing/Arts/Gaming
  • Social activist/Environmentalist
  •  Event management
  •  Fashion/Photography
  •  Sports/Fitness specialists


  •  Risky business. These offbeat careers will not provide the job security as government companies offer. Also there may be ups and downs in these careers hence making life less stable.
  •  Economic factors. Initially there may be some economic difficulties as these options may not offer much pay. Although after acquiring enough skills, one may excel and earn a lot.
  •  Family. Indian parents feebly have broadened minds. They want their children to become doctors or engineers. Breaking off this stereotype would be difficult but even if you do, it will be hard to make your parents happy. If the family supports your interests then its good, but if not then it may become frustrating sometimes.
  • Not that easy. Conventional jobs are much easier to find but offbeat options are less available in working segment. Unless you define yourself by doing something great, it’s hard to grow. It’s a fact that there is more fun in these uncommon streams but you have to attain a level to feel the happiness, otherwise the path is full of thorns.

Dare to choose what you want, it doesn’t matter what it is. What matters most is you do what you love!



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