Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband/Internet

Mobile broadband is one of the highest selling services in India, since it is portable and it is likable by many travelers. This saves the mess of plugging in an internet enabled device in a bulky device like a computer and that it is only possible at home. With an internet enabled phone, laptop people can check updates and emails, reply back to them on the go! It avails flexibility in usage of internet anywhere, any place and any time.

Ethernet cables, a phone line, modem; all such variables are too out dated now! A USB broadband connection/dongle and a laptop is all you need! But technology has its own advantages and disadvantages; we shall find out below

Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband

• With mobile internet connection, most people are satisfied that they do not have to shell out money from their pocket for a landline and also  decreases the issues of making and receiving calls.
• This service works great and especially liked by the students who move often.
• One can setup and start the internet connection on the day of registration.
• This service also comes with options of pay as you go, which a broadband connection doesn’t.
• Mobile broadband fits the bill in many areas where wired/standard broadband connection is not available.
• The internet usage is hassle free with a ‘plug and play’ feature.

• Mobile broadband costs more than standard broadband connection. That is simply because the transfer rate, speed and the technology is better in comparison to the standard set of broadband connection.
• A major disadvantage is the speed, in a standard set of broadband connection, the speed is up to 1 Mbps. But in a plug and play device you can enjoy a jet speed of 8Mbps.
• Usually, the download allowance varies from 1GB to 3GB. If user opts for more, he may have to pay high charges. And compared to a standard broadband package, a mobile broadband connection costs 15 times more, every month.
• Compared to a standard broadband connection, a mobile broadband connection scores less on the reliability factors.

From the above features, we can make out that the mobile broadband service is for those who want internet on the go! Else, the option of standard broadband service is better.



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