Pros and Cons of Kitchen Gardening

When we talk of Kitchen Gardening, one might think that it is a tedious process and involves a lot of effort and time. However, it is often considered to be therapeutic and relaxing by the people who do it. It is a refreshing feeling to inhale the fresh oxygen, be with your plants, and then cook some fresh vegetables after you have had a busy and tiring day. It relaxes the mind and heart.

In today’s era where inflation is at its peak, it is senseless to stock up fruits and vegetables because their shelf life is very short and if they are kept for too long, they often lose their nutrition value. Therefore, Kitchen Gardening offers the option of growing small amount of organic fruits and vegetables in a neat and clean environment that is monitored by you, and then consuming it as and when desired.

The initial cost of setting up your garden is also not very enormous. It does not involve buying a land and then cultivating on it. One can make use of the windowsill, dockyards, a small balcony or even portable objects like plastic bottles, buckets and bathtubs to grow these organic fruits and vegetables. One of the biggest requirements is sunlight and that is often readily available.

Since everything is being done at home, including the making of soil that is required for gardening, there is no scope of these crops being unhealthy. Their nutrition value is higher than the veggies bought from the market. They are pesticide free and thus 100% organic. The fear of any disease or infection is nil.

Kitchen gardening also offers the option of growing heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables that otherwise might not be available in the market. All one needs is the seeds and the correct knowledge to grow them. A wide range of fruits and vegetables growing inside the premises also makes the house look beautiful and more attractive.

Another wonderful thing about kitchen gardening is that it is not at all time consuming. The only time that needs to be given is a span of 30 minutes; either everyday or even alternate days. This shall ensure that the plants are healthy and all their requirements are met.

In contradiction to the pros that Kitchen Gardening has there are very few cons and they can also be easily waved off. Minute things like gardening can get a little messy at times, or weather conditions might be a problem or time constraints in case of people who have an extremely busy schedule or who travel a lot, might be problematic. However, these issues can be easily resolved if one is passionate about living a healthy life by consuming some fresh fruits and veggies.




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