Positive Body language

What is Body Language?
Body Language is a way of non-verbal communication which consists of your body posture, gestures, facial expression and eye movements. Body language is in fact a human ability which takes place almost subconsciously. According to James Borg 93% of human communication consists of body language and only 7% is the verbal part. This means that we do not exactly say what we really mean most of the time.

Tips on how to have Positive Body Language
Remember not to cross your arms or legs as it does not look very appealing and you will seem guarded or defensive. Always keep arms and legs open.

If you want make a better conversation you should give the person you are talking to, enough eye contact to let him/her known that you are interested in what you are talking about or listening to. Remember not to stare at a person too much as it might come across as creepy.

Feel confident and take up some space. By standing with your legs apart (a little bit) you will show that you are confident with yourself.

Relax your shoulder when you are tense. You can loosen them up by moving them a little bit and taking a deep breath. By keeping a good posture you can also maintain good physical health.

While you are having a conversation make sure that you are not the only one talking and take some time to listen what the other person has to say. While listening to person keep eye contact and nod as a signal that you are listening.

Do not slouch but sit straight. You should not look tensed while sitting straight, do it in a relaxed manner.

You should have a good sense of humor about things so lighten up, laugh and smile. You should make jokes as well but make sure they are appropriate. Also do not be the first person to laugh at your own joke.

There are also a few small points that you should remember: –

  • Do not touch your face too much
  • Keep your head up
  • Slow down and breath
  • Relax
  • Stay out of arguments
  • Keep your drink lower
  • Do not stand too close to a person
  • Keep a positive and good attitude
  • Use your hands while describing and explaining things

How to read body language
Well, some people wonder how to know if the person that they are talking to is interested in hearing them at all. There are many ways and signs to read body language of a person and see if they are interested in you or not. Here are some tips on how to read body language: –

  • See how close does that person sits or stands next to you
  • Head positions; overly titled heads (signs of sympathy or may be flirting), lowered heads (hiding something), cocked head (confused or challenging), cocked head with a smile (finding interest).
  • Eyes; when a person looks to the sides this means that the person is nervous, lying or distracted. Looking down at the floor means that they are shy or hiding something.
  • Mirroring – this refers to the person mirroring or mimicking your appearances. This means the person is interested in you and genuinely likes you.
  • Arms
  • Gestures
  • Feet, etc

All these things provide us with signs that we can read and find out if a person is comfortable with us or not.




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