PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is next to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) as a part of Sony PlayStation brand of Gaming devices. This handheld gaming device was released in Japan and few other parts of Asia in December of 2011.

The device consists of two analog sticks, a 5 inch OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, front and rear camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G.

PlayStation Vita is fully compatible PlayStation Portable games which are available on the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Store. Here are the PlayStation Vita features: –

3G – PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi has changed the way games are by keeping real-time scores and competitions with other players online.  This 3G is powered by AT&T mobile Broadband Network.

Front & Rear Cameras – You can transport your world or yourself into the games that you are playing on PS Vita by using the front and rear cameras on the PlayStation Vita.

Six Axis Motion Sensor – Now with the motion sensor on PS Vita you can experience a completely different gaming experience. Through the Motion Sensor, now the users is able to touch, tilt and steer the PS Vita and manipulate the game environment as they want.

Touchscreen – PS Vita comes with a multi-touch display with a 5 inch OLED screen.

Rear Touch Pad – The rear multi-touch pad provides the user with better control while freeing up the front OLED touch screen.

GPS – PS Vita comes with GPS through which you can locate, connect and play with your friends.

Cross Play – Cross play is a feature of PSV through which you can continue a game that you have been playing on PS 3 on PS Vita. You can also join in multiplayer games on PS vita and play against players on PS3 consoles.

Dual Analog Sticks – This device comes with dual Analog Sticks.

OLED Screen – Through the OLED screen you can see and play your games beautifully on a 5 inch OLED screen. This screen displays around 16 million colors.

PlayStation Vita Price is starting at $ 249 which is totally affordable and completely worth it.




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