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With Christmas right around the corner, here’s to some good old family time and cheer! Right after you are done with the turkey, eggnog and delicious pie, you might want to jump to the most exciting part of it all – Christmas gifts!
It is obvious how happy anyone would feel while opening these gifts. However, choosing and giving these gifts is also an art altogether. You don’t want to give something typical to your loved ones. The key is to make them all feel equally special. Here are a few places you can try to shop in for starters.

1. Bliss
Location: Phoenix Mall, Pune
Bliss is an outlet that doesn’t surprise you with its size but confirms that fact that big things do come in small packages! You’ll find the wackiest and coolest things here – right from mugs to t-shirts to bags to boxes and magnets and more! They have a range of pop art and it is just a delight to look around the shop! You are sure to find something that satiates your creative instincts here.

2. Kayani Bakery
Location: Camp, Pune
One of the oldest and most reliable bakeries in town, this one is great to make your elders feel good. They have a brilliant list of items that you can buy and you’ll definitely get some Christmas specials too. Shortbread, Shrewsbury biscuits and plum cake – your Christmas is sorted!

3. Mozaic
Location: Turner Road, Bombay
Shilpa Gupta, the owner of Mozaic, converted an old Bandra bungalow into this store to display various home furnishings. This bungalow has its own old-school charm and exudes a very comforting feeling. You can think of buying some good home linen or artefacts to give your house the very homely feel it needs for Christmas.

4. Tappu Ki Dukaan
Location: Fort, Bombay
Just like Bliss in Pune, Tappu Ki Dukaan is a place where pop art meets modern-day creativity. Grunge, fashion, punk and more – this shop is your saviour if you haven’t bought a Christmas gift till the end. With stuff from over 20 product designers from across the country, this is a treasure-house in itself.

5. Eco Corner
Location: Palladium Mall, Bombay
What better than giving recycled gifts to your friends this Christmas? Eco Corner has a beautiful stock ranging from stationery, art material and more. The best buy would be their colourful paper lamps that are relatively cheap and equally long-lasting. They can be dismantled and stored away for later use too. Light up your house this Christmas!

6. Juna Bazaar
Location: Near Pune Railway Station
If you are thinking of giving some antiques to your friends or family for Christmas, Juna Bazaar (held every Wednesday and Saturday) will give you just what you need for insanely cheap prices. It is a great flea market to be in and you can lay your hands on some very unique things. Make your grandfather happy this Christmas with a gramophone. What say?

These are just a few places that you can start with. If you keep your eyes and ears open, there is no way you can miss a great shopping destination for this Christmas.



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