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Apart from a lucrative career option, photography as a hobby is growing rapidly amongst every corner of the world. With the ever developing technological innovations and multifaceted software’s, photography is gaining a new edge. However with a wide variety of cameras and other hardware people are confused as to what they must buy and how they can be used to its maximum potential. Photography magazines solve this problem. For people who want to venture into photography, or develop their skills here are the top 10 photography magazines in the world to help you do so.

1.  Shutterbug

This American photography magazine is handy for professionals and amateurs.With a question and answer column, latest equipment reviews and techniques, this popular magazine is a must read for any budding photographer.

2.  The British journal of photography

Being one of the oldest photography magazines in the world since it was established in 1854, the British journal of photography is also online since 1997.With interviews, reports, trials and of course innumerable pieces of brilliant photography, this magazine stands out from the rest.

3.  Outdoor photographer

Like the name suggests, this is the magazine you want to buy if you’re into nature, wildlife or any other form of outdoor photography. With useful tips, suggestions, and reviews, this magazine is a worthwhile read and a useful guide at the same time.

4.  Aperture

This magazine is a publication of the Aperture foundation started by a group of photographers , curators and writers.Described as “the most serious and the most valuable periodical in the photographic world”, this magazine is as good as it gets with everything you want related to photography.

5.  Professional photographer

Being a 100 years old , this magazine  provides cutting edge lessons from the world of photography and helps you in giving more definition to Portrait , landscape , commercial and wedding photography.

6.  Nature’s best photography

Containing works of the world’s best photographers, this magazine is a solution to all your photography fixes with its expertise advice and how-to tips.

7.  Amateur photographer

This weekly magazine is actually considered as one of the most “ influential magazine in the U.K” and consists of regular features on digital, monochrome photography etc.Hitting the newsstands since 1884, this magazine is one of the oldest magazines in the world and has been helping photo enthusiast ever since.

8.  Better photography

India’s first photography magazine dedicated to the “arts and science of photography”, this magazine leaves an international mark. With a variety of column digging deep into every aspect of photography, this is what every photographer needs.

9.  Practical photography

This magazine from the UK is a prerequisite read if you have a digital SLR.With its constant endeavors to always have something new, this magazine is a must-read for every passionate photographer.

10.  Popular photography

Popular photography rated as one of the “world’s largest imaging magazine” promises excellent clicks by following their simple tips and techniques.Not only does it help with the purchase of cameras but also associated gear such as lighting , printing , lenses etc.




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