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Photography is one of the most popular hobbies. Moreover, the right type of equipment really makes huge difference. So, it is important to learn which type of equipment should one use which fits your budget as well. There are two types of photographers and hence photography. Either you just take a camera and go on clicking pictures or use the basic of photography and tutorials will help better! You can find some great tutorials online and can also find some great photography equipment listing online.

Mentioned below are some varied types of photography equipment and their usage according to your preference and kind of photography.

For beginners, one should invest in a point and shoot camera. The best point and shoot cameras available, in my opinion are Sony, Cybershot series. You may buy one which fits your budget. They have featured good reviews, affordable budget and better quality in its class. Available in different models, you can always read reviews to figure out your preference and the perfect model for you. You will also need one memory card, about 4GB is good enough since the pictures clicked in a point and shoot camera are not that spacious/they require very less space.

Photography equipment for serious Hobbyist– if you have already used and experienced point and shoot cameras, it is time for you to move up to some higher camera that allows you to click some really quality pictures. If you wish to experiment more, using the manual settings, invest in a DSLR camera. It is a good idea to also buy a tripod stand along with a DSLR cam, because there are many shots which would require support of clicking some varied pictures. Canon DSLR 1000D is one affordable camera!


For people who have their studio, or planning for one, there is a whole lot of professional photography equipment available. You will definitely need 2 or more different types of cameras and special portrait camera lenses. Loads of lights are prime requirement when it comes to starting a studio, or developing it. Certain equipment like reflectors, various lights like fluorescent, halogen or strobe light should be up on the list.

For Underwater photographers the foremost things you need is a waterproof digital camera. Without that one it is impossible to even think of taking a dive underwater and taking some beautiful pictures. You can opt for some rugged cameras like Olympus Stylus 8000 Black Digital camera and PowerShot series from Canon, the D10 Blue Digital camera.

This was about the equipment and few cameras you can opt for, according to your preferences.




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