Pet Bathing

When we buy pets, we think about certain duties, certain care, and ways to up bring our pet. One of the first and foremost duties of an owner is to give it a bath.  Giving your pet a bath is a must so as to maintain the hygiene level in the house. Moreover, regular baths keeps your pet clean from germs and infections. It is important to do so at least once a week. It’s your pet, so bath time doesn’t have to be an occasion to dread, go ahead, give it a bath, it will enjoy it. A pet is most faithful to its master.

Do remember to close the bathroom or else it may run away! Well, now we can use the term How??

This can be followed by certain steps.

  • Before you start with the bath, collect all the bath essentials and keep them.
  • Start, by combing your dog with a brush to remove loose hair and tangles.
  • Now, you can tie it with a leash if you feel that it is an escape artist.
  • Use lukewarm water to wet your pet from the back, front and beneath. Leave the head for the now because it will start shaking and spilling water on you.
  • Use an appropriate pet shampoo/soap to facilitate rinsing and work into a nice amount of lather. Remember cleaning the areas like the belly, between the toes, armpits and behind the ears. Your pet will certainly enjoy this part.
  • Rinse out soap completely. Run your hands over your pet and check if any area has soap left. Soap left on your dog may cause skin irritation later. Re-apply soap if it required.
  • Now, wash its head carefully avoiding soap near the eyes and ears. Use finger tips to do so. Then rinse everything again from front to back including its face and do one last check for soapy residue that could need rinsing.
  • Keep a towel ready and stand back to let your pet shake himself dry. Use a towel to dry your pet as much as possible.

After you give your pet a bath, expect it to go bizarre. It may go running and rolling all around the place. Keep it inside and out of drafts until completely dry.

You pet will now shine bright and sleep all day. Treat a pet like your own child and not just a mere animal. Love and affection is what it needs and what is gives…



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